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It's been a while, and I bet you have questions, like:

Are you officially a Writer-in-Residence yet?!

I am! Since the beginning of September.

Here’s my office as it currently looks. (I’ve rearranged it a couple times.) Check out the awesome poster of the Amazon Basin on my bulletin board. And the windows. I have a blanket and slippers in there, too, to make it cozy.

The Associates of the BPL held a reception inducting me and bidding farewell to Lisa Rosinsky, the 2016-2017 Writer-in-Residence (who just released her first novel, Inevitable and Only, which you should all go buy.) We both gave readings. My parents drove all the way from Ohio for the event, and my in-laws flew in from Virginia. I caught my husband and in-laws walking up the library steps.

The reception was held in the Abbey Room, which is one of my favorite spaces in the library.

"How else are you spending your time?"

I'm an Associate Editor for the for-charity lit mag Pocket Change, and we recently launched our fall issue! This issue features both emerging and established writers, and it gives all proceeds to our 2017 fall partner charity, the ACLU.

I hosted our final submissions selection meeting a few weeks ago. We were quite productive tucked away in my little office, although that productivity did include Jessica making me an inspirational piranha (since I'm writing about the Amazon.)

“Speaking of writing, how's your novel coming along?”

If I wrote ten words every time I heard that question, I’d have a completed first draft. It’s going okay. It’s going slowly. I’ve sent some material to a couple agents who have requested the full manuscript (when complete, obviously) so things are moving forward on the business end as well. I met with my thesis director a couple weeks ago to discuss the first half of the novel, which was a big landmark for me. My director is fantastic; her insights really gave me the perspective I need to complete the second half of the book.

"Are you doing NaNoWriMo this year?"

EVERY year! I'm trying to write the last 50,000 words of my novel by the end of the month. It will be difficult as I'm traveling (slash have traveled) a lot this month, but I have 19 hours per week at the library to churn out material in big chunks, so I think I can make the overall goal even without hitting my daily word count. I'll post my progress graph in December. But...

"Are you going to blog more often?"

Nope. Hell no. Turns out I hate blogging. I might post something every couple months, but only if I have substantial updates. I just absolutely do not have the bandwidth to maintain a blog. You can find me most active on Twitter.

How's your commute to the library?

I don't actually get asked this a lot, but I needed a segue to announce that, a couple weeks ago, we closed on a condo and moved to Somerville, Massachusetts! We now have TWO bathrooms. (And two bedrooms, and an office, and two decks! We never dreamed of getting a space this big so close to downtown.) We celebrated with a nice champagne from our real estate agent after closing.

And then we moved in! Well, a moving company moved us in. Never again will I move without hiring professionals, I solemnly swear.

We finally have a pantry!!!!!

And a freaking HUGE master bedroom with TWO walk-in closets.

We ordered pizza on the day of the move, but the next night I made lemon garlic chicken to feel at home.

And, most importantly, I temporarily organized our bookcase by color for funsies.

Until next time! <3