YA Novel

Sunset Sultan tells the story of Sultan Ferry, the last baby born after a global fertility crisis stops human reproduction in its tracks. From the moment he pops out of the womb, an entire population lives vicariously through the hit reality TV show Sunset Sultan, projecting their ideas of a perfect “last life” onto introverted, self-reflective, bald-since-birth Sultan Ferry, who at age sixteen wants nothing more than to crawl out from under the media’s thumb.


Sultan's only solace is his best friend and greatest competitor—Dev Chaudhuri, the second-youngest person alive. Pursuing wild conspiracy theories, the two boys stow away to South America in search of children rumored to be living in the Amazon, hoping that such a discovery will divert the media’s attention once and for all.


Sunset Sultan addresses the undeserved, often self-inflicted pressure to “perform” that permeates today’s teen culture, highlighting the importance of introspection, true friendship, and authenticity in the face of overwhelming media messaging.

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